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Use a pen, Sideshow Bob!


Bob: Bart Simpson, that mischeivous little scamp that twice sent me to that dank urine soaked hellhole.
Parole Officer: Uh...We object to the term "urine soaked hellhole," when you could of used "peepee soaked heckhole."
Bob: Cheerfully withdrawn.

Lawyer: What about that tattoo on your chest? Doesn't it say "Die, Bart, Die"?
Sideshow Bob: No, that's German for "The Bart, The".

I'm cold and there are wolves after me.


Hey Vern, help me get my head out of this toilet! (flushing sound)

Voice of Ernest

No one who speaks German could be evil.


(Bart and Lisa are watching "Up Late with McBain")
Bart: This is horrible.
Lisa: The FOX network has sunk to a new low.

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