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Well Marge, the other day Milhouse told me my Meatloaf sucks! He must have gotten that from your little boy, because they certainly don't say that word on TV.


Oh "meltdown". That's one of those annoying buzz words. We prefer to call it an un-requested fission surplus.

Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns: Well, Smithers, I guess there is nothing left but to kiss my sorry butt goodbye.
Smithers: May I, sir?

Mr. Burns: So, what did you do this weekend, Smithers?
Smithers: Well, I caught up on my laundry, wrote a letter to my mother, oh, here a kicker, and I took Hercules out to be clipped.
Mr. Burns: Who the devil is Hercules?
Smithers: Oh, he's my Yorkshire terrier, sir. He's kind of tiny, so you know, it's a joke. Here's a picture of Herky. (shows a wallet sized photo of Hercules)
Mr. Burns: Ugh. Well, Smithers, don't you know how to paint the town red!

Homer: Okay. Okay, think back to your training! (he thinks)
Trainer: Now, Homer, this may very well save your life one-day. This... Homer?
(We see Homer is playing with a Rubik's cube.)
Homer: Yeah?
Trainer: Please, pay attention. This button here controls the emergency override circuit. In the event of a meltdown, push this button and only this button.
Homer: Ooh, a side!
Trainer: Simpson!
Homer: What?
Trainer: You see which button I'm pushing?
Homer: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Push the button. Got it. Stupid cube, this is all your fault.

Homer: What's your problem, boy?
Bart: I had a fight with Milhouse.
Homer: That four eyes with the big nose, you don't need friends like that.

Bye little dudes. Don't learn anything I wouldn't learn!


Eenie meenie miney mo. Is Homer a hero? The answer is no.

Kent Brockman

Barney: I had to give a speech once. I was pretty nervous, so I used a little trick. I picture everyone in their underwear. The judge, the jury, my lawyer, everybody.
Homer: Did it work?
Barney: I'm a free man, ain't I?

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