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Bart: I'll be the demon. You be the thimble.
Milhouse: Aw, I'm always the thimble.

Homer: They should call this one recipe for murder.
Marge: What do you mean "this one?"
Homer: Never mind.

Dracula: His blood! It's full of cholesterol!
Homer: And not the good kind.

Edmund: Let's move between the trees the way a bat does: by jumping.

She just wanted to ride bikes through New England, but those seats hurt my ass.


Edmund: You have beautiful eyes.
Lisa: They're just dots in circles.

Why is there a steering wheel in my bedroom?


What was that lesson I learned from video games? Oh yeah. Kill, kill, kill!


Sideshow Mel: At least the cup is lined with felt.
Moe: Hey Mr. Positive, shut the hell up.

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