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Now this crossword is nothing but swears.


If someone did eat Bart's shorts, they would have a tummy full of pocket garbage.


Son of a beachball, they escaped.


Homer: (To Milhouse) Cops. Act natural.
Homer (Imitating a woman) Oh hello officer!
Chief Wiggum: (While driving by) Oh hello, Ma'am! (To self) What is it about a women and a dumpster.

Milhouse: Lisa, if I don't make it back, there's a letter in my locker I want you to read.
Lisa: I've already read it.
Principal Skinner: We've all read it.

(On the phone) Lord, give me guidance... That's right, the guidance department. Thank you, Mrs. Lord.

Principal Skinner

Simpson! I'll teach you to make a Poupon me!

Principal Skinner

Skinner: Okay, you have a deal, you conniving little (whispers in Bart's ear)
Bart: Wow, that's a swear!?
Skinner: Used as a noun, it is.

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Jack Bauer
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