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Dang it! I wanted to know what else was bullocks!

</i> Rich Texan

Marge: A carnival? What's so romantic about this?
Lisa: Bye!
Bart: See you later!
(Bart and Lisa run off into the carnival.)
Homer: For the next two hours, we'll be kid-free. It'll be just like the time we lost them at the mall.
(Homer and Marge chuckle.)
Homer: That was the best Christmas ever.

Here they are, all the way from outside of Texas, the Sex Pistols!


You strays are going straight to the pound where you'll be put to sleep... by my boring stories. And then you'll be killed!

</i> Dogcatcher Willie

They were the Bonnie and Clyde of their day. Their names were Bonnie and Clyde.


I can't believe I got in. It's like a dream come true! An expensive dream. (Sighs)
(Marge looks at letter saying that the annual cost for the college is $3000.)


Marge: There is a part of our past that we haven't told you kids about. A turbulent part.
Bart: Come on. More turbulent than now?
Lisa: We're in every kind of therapy!
Homer: Things happened between your mother and me that we're not proud of. It was the middle of a wild decade known as the 1990's.
Bart: The '90s? Never heard of it.

He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life.


Homer: You applied to college? Why didn't you tell me?
Marge: I did tell you.
Homer: I thought you were telling me you wanted to apply yourself to making a collage! And as I recall, I was against it.

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