Tony: You don't sell that shit around those routes, you hear me?
Richie: I'm workin' with Junior on this.
Tony: I don't give a shit if you're workin' with Wal-Mart. Knock it the fuck off.

(to Richie) I fuckin' hate the way you make me ride you!


(to Richie) Don't give me your fucking 'Manson lamps.'


The feds are a business, Anthony. Millions of tax dollars invested in watching your ass. Sooner or later, just like you, they're going to want a return on that investment.


Bobby: (on Catherine) She seems all right.
Junior: What the hell would we talk about? Bunions? You know how I feel about feet.

I'm not a cat. I don't shit in a box.


Dr. Melfi: Some people take pleasure in the simple doing of things.
Tony: The things I take pleasure in, I can't do.

Livia: It's not easy being abandoned, is it?
Junior: Look to yourself.

(to police) On your way out do you think you can roll the garbage down the hill? Tomorrow is pick up day.

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