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Yeah, well, you know what? I’d rather be alive than the blueprint for somebody else’s skin, thank you very much.


John: So that’s it? You just call me to tell that the world’s gonna end?
Astrid: I thought you’d want a heads-up.

Marla: How did you get so brave?
Stephen: I learned it from you.

There's strength in you, son. Strength you can't imagine.


Just a man? John, that is all a father could want for his son.


Cara: The first time I heard your voice, I knew.
Stephen: Knew what?
Cara: That you'd be the one to save all of us.

You thought what? Because we don't have powers, we can't fight? We're the ones fighting for our lives.


Okay, who's up for saving the world?


Russell: Man, our ass is going to be hanging out in the breeze.
Cara: Not having second thoughts are you?
Russell: Nah, I got a great ass.

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