Plus, we’re out of the totally important stuff, like beer and Gummi bears.


Astrid: Why are you suddenly so interested in my life?
John: Well, you did pull a bullet out of me.

Look at her, Cara. If you can't see that she is one of us then you are lost to us as a leader and we are lost as a people.


This place is falling apart without John.


It's can't be done, it's like farting and sneezing at the same time. Scientifically impossible.


Morgan: What's going on, where is everyone?
Cara: We're getting ready to kill Stephen. Don't ask.

John: If you notice anything weird.
Astrid: Like being stalked on the Uptown 3 train?

The Founder: Where is Mr. Jameson?
Jedikiah: He quit.
The Founder: See, that word implies he had a choice in the matter.

A hot paranormal mess. Must've gotten her looks from her momma.


You can check our browsing histories? Not that I've looked anything on the internet that I'm ashamed of


You can't choose your destiny. You can only fulfill it or fail it.


I've been acting different? What's up, kettle?