Life is long and you're my man.


Everyone's a taker - everything's a thing.


Kate: Hey do you know anyone who's happy?
Marshall: No.

Oh honey, you're so pretty, but you've always made decisions like an ugly girl.

Tara and Charmaine's mom

Lionel: I feel so bad for breeders. Being gay is like living in a buffet.
Marshall: And people say romance is dead.

Tara: Do you do that to me? Make up wildly heightened emotions just to manipulate me into being there for you?
Charmaine: Of course not. Only to mom.

Kate: I get it your rich - whoop didily dee...Zack can have anything he wants.
Zack: That remains to be seen.

Will having a little f**king grace kill you?


Superman slept with someone else?

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