I want you to imagine a golden, glowing ball, radiating warmth and safety

Terry [comforting Lafayette]

I'm so happy I could cry, but I won't cause it's gross when I do


You know in person she looks like vanilla pudding

Sookie [about Sarah]

Tara: Want me to take a look [at the water heater] and you can hold the line?
Eggs: See that was some spiteful shit you just said there. I got this.
I'm the man of the house. No offense, Carl..
Carl: None taken

Lorena: Why am I here?
Eric: We want the same thing, you and I.
Lorena: For a vampire, you are a terrible liar.

Bill: It's been a long night... don't feel like you have to
Sookie: Quit talking crazy
Bill: I just meant that I'd be satisfied to simply hold you
Sookie: I would not be satisfied. Not one bit.
Bill: What do you want, Sookie? Say it.
Sookie: I want you. Every which way. I just want you

Look if ya'll argue anymore I'm either gonna fall asleep or start screaming


Sarah: I think that after all your trials, heart ache and pain. God wants you to have a reward
Jason: You sure?
Sarah: Let me reward you, Jason. Let me help you find your way back to joy

Eric: The vampires here, they're like cowboys. If they don't get Godric back they'll want justice. They'll start attacking people.
Bill: Open aggression against humans? That's insane.
Eric: Well, it's Texas

Tara: If you die I'm gonna be really pissed
Lafayette: That makes two of us

If you're worried about me seeing you naked, I have seen boy parts before and water ain't exactly opaque

Daphne [to Sam who's nervous about getting out of the water after skinny dipping]

Sookie [about Jessica]: You can teach her how to walk that line between vampire and human
Bill: Yes because I have mastered that
Sookie: Okay so you can teach each other

True Blood Season 2 Quotes

Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest itself in ways that bend the laws of physics or break them entirely


I'm tired of charring my ass on your back burner.