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Sookie, it is not your blood I love. I love you. Your heart, your mind, your soul... you have brought light back into my life.


Yours is the most delicious blood I've ever tasted. That's all I know.

Bill [to Sookie]

I'm a fairy? How fuckin lame!


We will eat you, after we eat your children. Now time for the weather... Tiffany?


Mine is the true face of vampires!


I'll mourn you, Tara. I'll mourn you to my very marrow.


Pam: It can't end this quickly.
Eric: Everything ends. Even the immortals.

I'll be damned. Maybe God loves fags!

Lafayette's mother

With all respect, I did not report Russell Edgington to you because I want him to die at my own hands.

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