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I was scared, I was numb, and I loved him, so much. I'd do anything for him, he was my father.


Yeah let's look forward, cause when you look back that's when you trip over stuff that's like in front of you.


Danny: You can explain to me who the Kardashians are for instance.
Jo: You don't wanna know.

Look we all do things we regret. We set ourselves up to hurt, but hurt's not always a bad thing.


I couldn't help you 5 years ago, but I can now.


Anybody who knew Regina knew her favorite subject was free period.


Do you think it was easy being the best friends of the child murderer?


Danny: I feel like I'm on an episode of Glee and everyone's about to break out into song.
Regina: They let you watch Glee in prison?
Danny: It's part of our punishment.

I've been super vicious since I went off the gluten.

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