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I'm a virgin too. A big one.


Jo: M'lady, are you a 15th century knight or something?
Rico: No but I am the first man of Green Grove High.

If you don't wanna be him, then don't be him. It's that simple.


You used me, you planned all of it.


They may be mad at me but they don't want me to go to jail.


No wonder you are so worried about becoming your dad. You are just like him!

Jo [to Danny]

I was relieved when I heard about the car accident. I mean maybe Danny didn't get the revenge he wanted, but at least he's not a killer.


I feel like I'm in a nightmare and I just can't wake up.


I'm supposed to be your girlfriend but you can't even tell me about the biggest moment in your life?


I messed up. I always mess everything up. I just wanted to protect you.


I just need to do something for me, okay Rico?


You and I both know that you will never be fine.

Vikram [to Danny]
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Twisted Season 1 Quotes

Didn't you hear? I'm a bitch now.


Serita I remember you, you were the one with the facial hair problem in 5th grade.

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