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Danny: He's good at that. He's good at twisting people like that.
Lacey: So what's he trying to get now?
Danny: I don't know, I just, I think, it might be crazy but I think he wants my life.

How good is this lawyer? Because I'm not letting an innocent man go to jail for something that I did.


I think you did it. Murdered him for the money and the chance to be with his wife.

Kyle [to Jack]

I'm a virgin too. A big one.


Jo: M'lady, are you a 15th century knight or something?
Rico: No but I am the first man of Green Grove High.

If you don't wanna be him, then don't be him. It's that simple.


You used me, you planned all of it.


They may be mad at me but they don't want me to go to jail.


No wonder you are so worried about becoming your dad. You are just like him!

Jo [to Danny]
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