This is the chair Willy got me when I told her the one I had was comfortable. This mark here? I was injecting her with botox and missed and hit a vein in her forehead. She ripped the needle out of my hand, threatened to plunge it into my eye, and said if it weren't for my clogged pores, my tiny brain would have seeped out long ago.


You know, Marc, it's OK - you can totally disagree with Daniel and he doesn't hit you or psychically shame you in any way


You're going to South Dakota! You have to blend in. Less money and more food stamp.


I can't afford to get caught sneaking out in again in one of your ridiculous jumpsuits. It's a miracle I could pass it off as a trend. You know, some idiots will wear anything!


These past three weeks have been heaven - aside from my tailoring bill. You've got to stop literally ripping my clothes off!


What was she thinking?! I've seen actual blueberries look less round.

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