Justin, honey, don't dance near the guy with his hand under his coat


One minute til curtain. This is the worst thing that has ever happened and I'm not exaggerating


Joel: You look familiar. Have we met?
Wilhelmina: We're not even meeting now

Marc: No you do not say no to Sarah Jessica Parker she's the holy grail of fashion
Christina: I know
Marc: This is your big chance and my big chance to meet her husband, Ferris Bueller Parker

[Betty sees Grace Chin]
Betty: Why would you stand her up?
Daniel: Back in school she was a mess. She had braces, glasses, and this crazy hair. Which totally works for some people. Will you please stop looking at me like that and send her in?

...or maybe I'm just the bigger person... don't, that one's too obvious

Betty [to Amanda]

I'm still bored... watching nerd love is so tedious


Amanda [to Henry]: Hey accounting man, looking for Betty? She's right down here
Amanda [to Betty]: What? I'm bored

Alexis: It's complicated coming back from the dead
Wilhelmina: Oh please, Donna Karan does it every three years

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