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[after breaking into the donation box...]
Marc: Is it all singles?
Wilhelmina: Poor people are so cheap...

Let's call another cab and see if they'll come to Dante's seventh circle of hell


What'd you drive in the old country? a goat? Now a cab..


I have been styling for this magazine missy since before you bought your first pair or orthopedic pumps


This baby fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down


We're going to have to find something safer [than chainmail] for the baby to maybe a plastic bag


I can't wait to meet baby Chutney. I hope she spits up on something saw I can sell it on the internet


Of course I approve Betty. This is Bruno Jacobs, hun. He saw Madonna while she was giving birth. Made her belly sweat look like diamonds.


Betty: What is going on over there?
Daniel: The tree i ordered just arrive
Betty: What?
Daniel: Christmas tree for your family
Betty: Why did you order us a tree?
Daniel: Well i threw up in four rooms in your house, it's the least I could do

Wait did you say Sofia? My Sofia? What is "Hunter the Chin" there too?


Betty told me to feed and water you


How does your boss take his coffee? On the rocks?

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Maybe you should stick to girls who love two seaters


Daniel: and you slept?
Betty: In your arms... I'm kidding, relax