Marc: Have you seen [Betty] yet?
Wilhelmina: Yes I did and it looks as if queens threw up

I think I just found my new screen saver!


Ignacio: You have such a big heart
Betty: Stop it with the big heart. The speech didn't work when I was cast as a rock in the school play... or when I was sitting at home with you and mom on prom night.. and it's not gonna work now
Ignacio: Betty you'll always be my special girl, you know that....just so you know you were a really terrific rock

I work in an office full of glamazon women who are all six feet tall and fully waxed...


Daniel: Maybe we could both dress up on Monday...
Amanda: I think he meant natural fibers sweetie

Marc: I thought breast cancer was pink...
Wilhelmina: It is, but Alzheimer's goes better with the outfit

We missed you at the party last night. What, was there a sale at the 99 cent store?


Don't you look... sweaty


Betty: You're the one who dumped me!
Walter: Yeah for like two days. It takes longer than that to digest corn..

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