Daniel: Apparently you've got a very thoughtless boss who didn't realize until last night that you deserve a lot more than a crappy trophy.
[Daniel hands Betty an envelope]
Betty: These are tickets.
Daniel: To Mexico. For you, your father, and the rest of your family. All they had was first class. Hope you don't mind.

Hilda: The test just said I had to do a manicure, it didn't say on who.
[Hilda shows off her nails]
Hilda: I wasn't gonna waste all this hotness on someone else

You want the pepper, you're gonna get the spice


Betty [referring to Henry and Charlie]: How could he leave with her?
Christina: Maybe that twit pepper scrambled his brains

Ignacio: and you just quit beauty school...
Hilda: I didn't want to quit, they just stopped appreciating all of this

Rodrigo: We need to celebrate, pour some more champagne. I'll light some candles and run us a bath
Alexis: Cheesy, but it works

Betty: I know you believe in all this chivalry stuff, but you don't have to defend my honor
Henry: Yes, I do. Don't forget your crown
[Henry places crown on Betty's head]
Christina: Romantic little banger isn't he?

Squire: All quarrels in the middle ages are settled in one way... onn the log...or we lose our liquor license
[chanting .. log log log log..]
Amanda: Oh, it's about to get nerd nasty

You're going to break the horse. Get it? Cause she's fat. Lock it..

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