Do you think our grandchild will have a Spanish name like... Paco?


Bradford: You're bombed aren't you?
Claire: It's just a little cough medicine... cough.. cough

I almost shot him one Christmas in Ann Arbor. Thank god it was me that was loaded and not the gun

Claire [about Bradford]

I would never do anything to embarrass you. Let me show you Daniel's baby pictures. He doesn't the cutest thing in the tub


Hello I'm Claire, Daniel's recovering alcoholic mother


She was dating a stripper? Oh my god I love her

Christina [about Sofia]

an article? Oooh.. make me sound extra glamorous... and skinny


Marc: Are those jeans?
Wilhelmina: Aren't they fabulous? Ted took me to an... outlet mall... I shopped next to fat people!

What exactly are you doing here? I thought you went to go work for Feminazi Weekly

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