Matt: Betty, this will be the first time I have ever been with a woman I really care about. So technically you are my first
Betty: Aww, that's so corny... and sweet

Amanda [about Betty's makeover]: The key is to come at your target using all six senses: sound, smell, taste, touch, sight and style

Betty: Okay Mr prodigy piano guy... how's this one? [sings]
Matt: That's it, that was a perfect A Flat
Betty: Shut up you're a bad a liar
Matt: No, I'm not lying. I'm just still deaf in this ear from when you did your C Sharp

Justin: Mom, do I really have to go camping with grandpa and Elena?
Hilda: Yes. Elena's nephews are dying to meet you
Betty: ...and they planned the whole thing with you in mind
Justin: If they planned it with me in mind, we'd be at a spa with mud baths and ginger facials
Hilda: You're going! There'll be plenty of mud

Betty: You know you don't always have to bring me back to Queens
Matt: Well that's where my queen lives

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