Wilhelmina: Marc, you ever considering giving everything up?
Marc: Every time I step on the scale.. woo!

[Betty and Conner trapped in an elevator]
Conner: Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you
Betty: I didn't think you were until you just said that

Amanda: Betty, a cute-ish guy is here for you. Is he the one you're trying to sleep with to get over that other one?
Matt: Um, I'm right here
Amanda: I know

Hilda: Momma could use a couple new pairs of shoes, a new hairdryer, maybe some rings..
Betty: Maybe a new nickname that isn't momma?
Hilda: Momma doesn't like your attitude

How about that skinny thing from class that's trying to have your puppies? Call him!

Marc [about Matt]

You know what I like to do when I'm trying to get my mind off something or someone? I channel it into a project. Hello, you think I really care about macrame? Okay, bad example because I love macrame!


Marc: You better carry your own weight, Suarez
Betty: That's it? you're not gonna make a fat joke? We're progressing!
Marc: It was right there! Owell, next time

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