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That dome can't come down. Not now.


Norrie: Oh my God. It's the pink stars.
Joe: And, they're making constellations.
Angie: It's beautiful.
Junior: But, what does it mean?

Julia: Barbie I've seen you sacrifice yourself for total strangers. In the future there can be no more lies.
Barbie: Future? Are you sure?
Julie: Maybe.

Maxine didn't learn to be the way she is from her father.


I don't deal with prostitution. Ever.


Barbie: Whatever happened to we're not coming to your homes, this is a voluntary program?
Jim: Ted's gone cuckoo. It might be necessary.

The pink stars are falling. The pink stars are falling in lines. The pink stars are falling.


Linda: These are our neighbors.
Jim: These aren't my neighbors.

It's my fault. She died because of me. I killed her.

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