I'd know you anywhere. My best friend... who left me for dead.


I came back for my son. I told you what you needed to hear to get you out of my way, but even telling you what you want to hear doesn't work and now we're all stuck here because of how much you love me!


I thought we would all get out. I did it for the town. I did it for you Pauline.


Why do something that can't be undone just to avenge a love that wasn't real?


Jim: I'm the sheriff. I'm the only elected official here.
Barbie: You're also a life-long used car salesman.
Jim: That's right, so I know how to cut a deal. Love me or hate me, I get things done.

All four hands should have a say in what happens to the egg and Melanie is probably sitting on it somewhere.


Pauline: I thought I'd find Junior out here. It's exactly as it was the day that I left.
Jim: It was my way of keeping you alive.

You never know how many chances you're gonna get.


There's finally a way out and I don't know if we should take it.


I left the love of my life in a hole like garbage and now she's back.


You want the truth. I have taken lives ... but none that weren't absolutely necessary for the good of this town.

Big Jim

Please. Just tell us what to do.