Shaw: I might as well take out a full page ad in the International Herald saying 'Carlton Shaw, Career Spy: Kill me now.'

Samantha: You're hot.
Hoyt: Wow.
Samantha: What do you see?
Hoyt: No, it's just not often I hear those words from a woman. I kinda wanna enjoy it for a second.

Steven: Look at this new tranquilizer gun. Invisible laser sight. You use glasses. You can see, but there's no red dot.
Samantha: Is it 4G?

Ok, what the hell was that? Who are you, Catwoman?


Steven: Are you kidding me with that?
Hoyt: What, the PJs? Feels like I'm totally naked. This thing is 96% silk.
Steven: And 4% Lady Gaga

Bingo! Ernesto Santos. His first name isn't actually Bingo, just Ernesto.


I will always defend your French Toasts. That's what husbands do.

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