So I Google Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Sa-ban. He was wearing pleated front khakis!


I love saying vino.


I'm gonna cancel the babysitter, call Tim and say that we're sick. Why don't you cue up Downton Abbey or something.


Reagan: Tim said that the peak of it is when the drop hits i guess? It's like the musical crescendo or something.
Chris: Yes like "In The Air Tonight" when Phil Collins comes in on the drums.
Reagan: Yeah Honey it's just like Phil Collins.

I'm so beast!


Ava: Shut it Reagan Marie!
Reagan: Not my middle name.

Reagan: Amy woke up at 5AM, I'm exhausted and Luke took away my Green Mountain Half Caff.
Ava: Why don't you start your day with a glass of champagne like the rest of America?

Look, he's already using the clickety clack thing.


Chris: She's gotta start sleeping at her own house.
Reagan: I really thought that last night she turned a corner.

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