Every girl deserves a cowboy.


What do you think I pay you to wear fancy suits, keep your hair combed and collect envelopes?


Mia: Why should I trust you?
Jack: Because I'm still in love with you.

So you had 10 minutes to figure out what you were going to ask me when I opened up my eyes and you picked, do you like ham?


She's a child and you're a grown man. That's enough to get you beatings and god knows what else in Nevada state.


Sheriff: I want you to run down her parents.
Patricia: Might as well search for the Easter bunny while you're at it.

Either she's telling the truth or she's the best actress since Rita Hayworth.


The girl escaped from set. She's a regular Houdini. We should book her as a magic act.


Two wives? You've got to be one hell of a juggler.


No way this wing tip puts me out of business.


You do things your way and I'll do things mine.


Next time don't drink the evidence.

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Vegas Quotes

Your good with number and better with people than I am.


Did I tell you to lay hands on this man?

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