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Hank [about his dad's car]: I don't think I should take it off the compound
Dermott: You didn't think I should have hot wired it either
Hank: That's because I had the keys

Hank: How come Baby Einstein gets his own lab and I'm stuck pushing boxes around? When do I get to train for my future career?
Dr. Venture: Who says you aen't right now?

Dermott: All right, we're going to have to do this commando style.
Hank: You want me to... take off my underwear?

Dermott: Why do you think they used to call me "the Wolf?"
Hank: Nobody calls you that.
Dermott: Well, they did back in my old neighborhood. When they weren't calling me "psycho." There was actually a war between two gangs over which nickname to call me. Both gangs won

You think being grounded is bad? Try prison. That's like being grounded for life. And instead of chores... butt sex


Sgt. Hatred: I don't wanna tell ya how to do your daddy duty or nothing, but don'tcha think maybe you're being just a little hard on the old Hankinator?
Dr. Venture: Hankinator? You're sleeping with him, aren't you?

Sgt. Hatred: It's a fresh new twist on a classic decoy tactic. We place 'em in key locations around the compound, and the next time your Monarch or your Baron Whats-His-Bheit comes a-knockin', he gets spanked in the face with five feet seven inches of screamin' hot stop it!
Dr. Venture: I'm five ten.
Sgt. Hatred: Yeah, maybe with them fancy elevator Beetle boots of yours

Dean: I have been practicing my career in science, look at these
Dr. Venture: Shrinky Dinks don't count, Dean, I'm not even gonna ask why you sleep with those things
Dean: Because I can't find Mr. Reach

Dean: You're the...
Dr. Venture: Dean, we need to talk.
Dean: There is no Hair Fairy, is there?
Dr. Venture: Not even close

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