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It's like a game of gay Clue.


The ink in which our lives are inscribed is indelible.


I put on Abe Lincoln's hat once and had an uncontrollable urge to free Mrs. Frederick.


Claudia: That's why it's a 24-hour stopwatch because Magellan was the first one to sail all around the world.
Artie: So you actually paid attention in fifth grade?
Claudia: Yes, now think back to your youth, and try to remember what he said to you on deck the night he crossed the International Date Line.

It's not a date but rather a pie slash coffee summit. You know, fix the economy settle world peace.


That's Portuguese for "push the button." [Everyone looks at Myka awkwardly] Really? This is still a surprise to you?


The good kind of spying. Like here have some flowers, and a puppy, and some spying.


Agent Bering, seems we are forever destined to meet at gun point.

H.G. Wells

Stop. You had me at you'll be dead.


Thongs give me a rash.


Myka: Do you know every former warehouse agent we know is either crazy, evil, or dead?
Pete: Or all three.

Not all wonders are endless Claudia.

Mrs. Frederic
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