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Claudia: We will talk later.
Artie: Will hell be freezing over?

Helena: I checked; this is what fashionable British archeologists are wearing.
Myka: That is what Hollywood directors think fashionable British archeologists are wearing.
Helena: Well, it is terribly comfortable.

Myka: This is the first test, mind!
Pete: Yeah, as in "I mind if this place kills me!"

Pete: Pancakes!
Myka: Pete do you ever think of anything other than food?

Phone: Your time is up, goodbye.
Pete: That is what I am afraid of.

Mrs Frederic: Agent Lattimer, this is unlike anything you have faced.
Pete: So, like always then.

Mrs. Frederic: One, agent Lattimer.
Pete: One what? Singular sensation? Is the loneliest number?

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