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Artie: You can't tell anyone.
HG Wells: I already have.
Artie: Oh my god, what have you done?
HG Wells: I shared my suspension with Mrs. Fredrick.

Artie, if there's one subject I am rather a world class expert on its time travel.

HG Wells

Artie: I was afraid you were buried alive again.
Claudia: What?
Artie: uh what?
Claudia: Again?
Artie: Why do you always listen to me when I don't want you to?

Claudia: Breath Obi-Wan, we heard you.
Steve: We found a trip wire, so we tripped it - on purpose.

Steve: What does this guy look like?
Artie: Well, look at this place. If you see any other human being, it's probably him.

Myka: So what about Paul Bunyan's axe, or David's slingshot?
Pete: Or how about bag of magical beans?
Artie: We got the axe, we got the slingshot. The beans, please - that's just a fairytale.
Pete: It's good to know where we draw the line.

Artie: It's gotta be an artifact. Adults don't have growth spurts. No short jokes, no fat jokes, no age jokes.
Pete: Well then, I got nothing.

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