Warehouse 13

Mondays 10:00 PM on SyFy
Warehouse 13
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20 miles of Warehouse and I find the one dead end!


Oh, I'm fine the floor broke my fall!


Pete: Grip strength is the first muscle to go.
Myka: Oh, I know how important that is to you.

The problem with hiding things behind glass doors is that you can see through them.


Pete: Okay wait a minute he dumped you? Why would anyone do that? I mean look at you: looks, brains, taste, a deep knowledge of guns and blowing things up. What's not to love?
Myka: Do you need us to hate him? Because we can hate him.

Don't make me stab you again.


Steve: This building is old and falling apart.
Artie: We have that in common!

Claudia: Great, well that explains everything! Except for the part where you said the Warehouse automatically expands.
Artie: That's right, surprise!

Yeah, let's shoot some goo up there...I'm so glad Pete's not here.


You're not crazy we are.


HG: Briggs is mine.
Pete: Hey, no killing! Myka will be super pissed.

Yeah, you'll grow to hate that.

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