Warehouse 13

Mondays 10:00 PM on SyFy
Warehouse 13
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Myka, what the frak?


Yeah, but you heard her, people get whammied whenever she gets upset and if you haven't noticed are being her is making her very upset.


Myka: Say it.
Pete: Fine, you were right, zapping her should have been Plan A.

Thanks for ruining my perfect retrieval record Dolly Parton.


Pete: Whoa.
Myka: Yeah, even I'm getting a bad vibe.

Tesla Grenade, don't leave home without it.


You know Sally even if I did like girls I'm pretty sure an hour with you would turn me gay.


Ah, lets see who Stukowski has on her Evil Friends and Family Plan.


Pete: Hey, Big Brother's watching.
Claudia: Yes, yes, and so can Little Sister.

Take the next left and proceed ahead 100 feet and then prepare to be captured.


That was a crappy day at the office, huh?


You know you're really not allowed to face death without me.

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Warehouse 13 Season 3 Quotes

You know, it feels a little like my old dog just got sent to the farm and you guys are already shoving a new puppy down my throat.


Claudia: Hey Pete, that girl is really grateful to you.
Pete: Uh Huh
Claudia: And cold really, really cold. We could see how cold she was.
Pete: I gave her my jacket.