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Take the next left and proceed ahead 100 feet and then prepare to be captured.


That was a crappy day at the office, huh?


You know you're really not allowed to face death without me.


No glove, no love man!


Steve: You might consider buying one of your own.
Claudia: As soon as I can get Artie to stop paying me in bright orange, 500 dollar bills.

Artie: What do dogs do when a car zooms off?
Claudia: They chase them.
Artie: Yes, and what do cars have on their back bumpers?
Claudia: License plates! So maybe the dog has the license plate and can tell us - and that's where all of this falls apart!

Myka: Pete, what are you doing?
Pete: Well, I'm thinking like Myka. Yeah, I mean when something doesn't make sense Myka tries to make sense of it, but not right because she's too emotional which is where Pete usually is, emotional.

Google-schmoogle, I'll still with paper.


Artie: Claudia, you're going to write down the license plate numbers.
Claudia: As you bark 'em out.

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