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Criminal: Looks like we have a stand-off.
FBI agent: No we don't - shoot him (Neal) and I'll get you on murder too.

I've always believed that the best way to hide something is in plain site.

Patrick Aimes

Never let them see you sweat.


We got gun shot residue - looks like its been snowing back here.


The Neal Caffrey I did my thesis on could make this work.

FBI agent

Peter: While you are here, have a drink.
Mozzie: Oh well, I don't drink.
Peter: Well, tonight you do.
Mozzie: Gin's good.

Peter: (to Mozzie) I thought you would be taller.
Mozzie: Me too.

Mozzie: Kate loves her classics.
Neal: X marks the spot.

I didn't steal it - I photo copied it.

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