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Neal: I don't need a warrant to break in.
Peter: But this Neal Caffrey does.

I never got my answers. But maybe you can have some closure with Kate.


Peter Burke, you are now eligible to commit crime.


He just disappears... like a German Dave Chappelle.


You're starting to sound like a law man.

Keller [to Neal]

Neal: I guess I was holding out hope that she was still alive.
Mozzie: Are you willing to give that up for the suit?
Neal [about the ring]: Giving this for Peter's life is more important than holding a candle for someone who isn't.

I happen to have an arsenal of hammers.


We're both running out of options, Caffrey, your move.


Peter [about Keller]:: He's a little bit more Ratso Rizzo than Cary Grant.
Neal: I'm Cary Grant?
Peter: Only in comparison to Ratso Rizzo.

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