So I'm now coming up with a new plan, whenever a girl leaves the house, I'm gonna hug her and pat her down at the same exact time.

Pauly D
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I bet these sounds are danmgiag to the ear and probably cause a lot of stress (with prolonged exposure) whether or not people hear them. Well, if you're too old to hear The Mosquito, it likely won't cause damage, because your hearing has deteriorated to the point where your ears simply can't pick up the signal, so to speak. (But I am not an otolaryngologist.)But it's also possible to hear the sound and not realize you're hearing it. It's very similar to the squeal a television makes, for instance, but that noise doesn't bother me unless I'm deliberately trying to listen for it.I would not be surprised to learn that there is a class of people who can hear The Mosquito but don't realize what it is, and are therefore measurably crabbier in certain retail stores for reasons they don't understand.