I kind of feel Tom pushed me into Roger's arms.

She's like a 3,000-pound man. She's like a bulldozer.

You brought me into this house, and Jenni has had my back since day one.


Snooki: We still care about this girl.
JWoww: No. No. No.

[to Vinny] Stick it in one of the jet holes.

I hope they get a f*%kin' incurable disease living up there.

JWOWW: I'm upset with you because I heard that you called me fake.
Pauly: When did I call you fake?
JWOWW: That's what I heard.
Pauly: From who?!

I am not f*%king any of my roommates... therefore I should not be cleaning up after their sh!t.

I hate frogs.

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