If anyone can help these two crazy individuals, it'd be Sitch ... and I tried, but it backfired.

The answer is ... day one, I had to pull the eject button.

Mike: I'd like to give a trophy to who did the least in this house. Let's vote right now.
Sammi: I don't give a f**k.

The bugs in the Everglades are huge. They're about the size of Snooki.

Yeah, I gave them the boot.

The Situation: Don't come over somebody's house at f*ckin' 5am & expect to play checkers.
Non-DTF Girl: I never said anything about checkers, OLD MAN!

Angelina's so big, dawg, she broke the bed, dawg.

My grandpappy was a pimp. His grandpappy was a pimp.

Snooki's drunk and she doesn't understand. She acts like she's 10 years old.

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