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Chief Mullen: Maybe he's become some vigilante.
Raylan: Hmmm, maybe he's Batman.

Chief Mullen: Someone in Harlan is going into the meth business in a big way.
Arlo: Or the folks in Harlan are really, really congested.

That's my bottle. I'm not going to let you drink it all just because your daddy didn't hug you much when you were little.


Mr. Givens, we're taking down the Crowders. You can either go with them or not.


You really don't know s*** about about the heavenly father, do you?

Mullen (to Boyd)

Vazquez: You must be glad to finally find a professional use for your office bottle, aren't you?
Chief Mullen: I don't know what you're talking about. I was as surprised to find it as anyone else.

Chief Mullen: You want a lawyer?
Raylan: Until 20 seconds ago, I didn't think I needed one.

Boyd: What brings you to my house?
Raylan: Oh, this is your house now?
Boyd: Why, yes, prison is my home.

I tell you to do one simple thing - refrain from screwing the witness in your own shooting - and you can't even do that!

Chief Mullen
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