He friggin' jumped out of the car like it was on f*%kin' fire.

[on the feast] Oh my god. F*%king Christmas.

Please don't tell me I have missing teeth!

I tried to eat, but I couldn't get it in my frickin' mouth, 'cuz I'm disabled.

I'm a vet tech. I save animals. I don't kill them.

When I say I'm ready to go wild, I'm gonna go wild.

Mike can be a nice guy. Like, he shows his good side then he shows his jerk off side. But that's what I like ... a good guy and a jerk off, it's all in the same.

I had a feeling where I wanted to make out with somebody, so, umm, I just made out with Ryder, because all the guys like that.

Pickles is my thing.

My ideal man would be Italian, dark, muscled ... juice-head guido.

Snooki's staying and I'm ready to party. I'm ready to meet sexy guidos and I'm ready just to f*%king be single.

I am a princess at home, like, I am the f*%king princess of f*%king Poughkeepsie. Here, I am nobody. I'm, like, emotionally exhausted.

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Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Quotes

Friggin' duck phone!


He's a really good guy. That's the kind of guy I need in my life. I think his name is Ron.

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