Carlos: Stop pouting. It's fun to sleep outside.
Gaby: I'm sure it is. That must be why the homeless are always so cheery.

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that you are crazy. Something is truly wrong with you to take something so inoennct and turn it into something bad. Maybe if you had a husband maybe your outlook on life would be different. Get a life, Get a man and stay in your lane, your not on bethanny's level. Don't hate on her because she has a husband that adooooorrresss her. Jealousy is not good for the soul.

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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Susan: I promise no feather duster and no purple bra.
Principal Hobson: And no bustier... Nice talking to you.

No matter how secure we are, we all experience moments of dread. It may be just before we open our credit card bill or hand over a note to our teacher or step on the scale after a week away from the gym. Yes, we all experience moments of dread. And sometimes, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Mary Alice