That's how Craigslist works. Total strangers sell you things like signed vintage baseball cards that make your father-in-law respect you for an afternoon.


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I now realize that the American quilt ntssicos of a million shades and colors and I don't necessarily have to agree with them all nor do they have to agree with me. This is the beauty of America; you have ultimate and absolute freedom of speech. You can say anything anywhere in any manner and nobody has the power to stop you. Whether you want to burn the Quran or demand rights for the LGBT community, it's your opinion and you are entitled to it regardless of any opposition.This video brought tears to my eyes because kindness still effects me. It's hard enough to stand up for your own people these days and for those individuals to take the time to defend someone that belongs to a different demographic is really humane and it shows the true colors of America, an image that is seldom seen abroad.This also makes me wonder. Are the people segregating against muslims segregating against other minorities? The white supremacist would love to be able to refuse to deal with a black man or a korean woman but they can't because the rights of certain groups have been set and agreed on by society. This leaves the Muslims who are still underrepresented in the media and rarely acknowledged as a part of the american lining. I don't think they're the group to be bullied next but I know those who have a problem with anything that isn't white-american would take the rare opportunity of Muslims being depicted in the ugliest manner in the media to strike and be as racist as they can be until society looks down at those who do. Just like the case of the board member in a school who commented on the deaths of the gay kids. Who knew the US would see a day when the News Channels defended the homosexuals after CBS's "The Homosexuals" in 1960.I wonder who's the next victim though. The browns, the asians or perhaps a breed of aliens. Only time can tell.

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Modern Family Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Ho Ho Hold up a sec!


You two needed time with your mom, I've already served time with your mom.

Jay [to Claire and Mitchell]