They should've gone at each other like a Peruvian soccer team stranded in the Andes.


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So sorry to see the lack of editing on the Fire in the Ice episode of Bones. The actual circumstance was a Rugby team from Uruguay that crashed in the Andes not "a Peruvian soccer team stranded in the Andes" The story is a powerful gift of self sacrifice rather than "going at each other" as reported in Bones. So sad. Of course now I realize that none of the information given on the series is more than careless science fiction rather than inspirational education. Look up Nando Parrada one of the real survivors in the Andes tragedy and read his book, Miracle in the Andes.


Possibly a reference to the Uruguayan Rugby team that ended up in the same situation. There's a movie about it:

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Sweets: Underneath your affable exterior, is a deep reservoir of rage ... my question is: You always have that under control?
Booth: You know if I didn't you'd be dead right now instead of just wincing.
Sweets: I'm not wincing.
Booth: Don't ever bring my old man up again. (Booth turns around and leaves the room.)
Sweets: Rats, I winced!

Hodgins: Could be the vic was drowned somewhere else and then dumped in the lake.
Cam: No drowning's not the way Booth would kill someone. (Wendell and Hodgins stare at her) Not ... that I actually suspect Booth. At all. (pauses)Quit ... staring at me.