George: Two tickets to "Guys And Dolls"! I'm gonna go with you!
Jerry: "Guys And Dolls"? Isn't that a lavish, Broadway musical?
George: It's "Guys And Dolls," not "Guys And Guys."

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Better! Yes, they do remind of The American Girl dolls. My real live American girl aordes her's, too. No Bratz here. In face, we make a point of deconstructing them. Something I frequently consider, when reflecting on how highly sexualized children's culture is, is how we're helping to shape desire and a sense of beauty in boys, too. Think about how sleek and shapely Disney moms are in movies and on TV; the boys also see their 9 year old counterparts in hot pink with Princess written across their bellies and behinds. So at an early age, boys start seeing and accepting, sort of as part of the regular landscape, girls their own age being sexualized AND an image of an adult woman that is thin, attractive and desirable. Very problematic!