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Maddie's mom: Wait. Maddie needs to tell her daddy she's sorry before he goes. Maddie, you need to tell your daddy you're sorry. Maddie, people die in surgery. You don't want your daddy to die without telling him how sorry you are. Come on, lets go tell him we love him.
Meredith: You know, no. No!
Maddie's mom: What?
Meredith: Maddie, stay right here ok.
Richard: Dr. Grey.
Meredith: No. She will not go apologize to him. You should be apologizing to her. I understand you're a victim here, but there is no room for you to be a victim when your 6 year old is on the line. She's stronger than you. Your 6 year old is stronger than you. At least she did something. She stood up for the two of you, which is more than you did for her. No, she won't apologize to him.

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