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Derek: We're broken up.
Meredith: It's done.
[They start kissing]
Derek: Break-up kiss.
Meredith: Break-up kiss.
Derek: Lets have break-up sex.
Meredith: Yeah, lets have break-up sex.

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I think that the focus on "sex" will be good for the show. What made it so easy in season one was the lack of regular relationship problems. It was focus on the chase of each other..... More of that focus will really allow the writers more freedom with their characters.


Oh my god. All day today my friends and I were like... 'Oh my god, Break-up Sex' or 'Oh my god, Break-up Kiss' or 'Pompous Monkey' but that is irrelevant, but anyway all of our teachers thought we had lost it. I think I we have lost it...Meredith and Derek had sex...break-up sex....things are good in the Grey's Anatomy World now, things are sooo freaking good! Maybe this means Shonda isn't Satan anymore...Maybe this also means Meredith and Derek are going to be together after all :)


this quote it like a 800.0