Morgan: What happen, you pull a Whiskey Pete?
Prentiss: I don't know what that is; but, if it involves getting puke on your boots, then yeah.

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I think "pulling a Whiskey Pete" is drinking way too much the night before. Hence, the puking. I have never heard of it before but it makes sense to me. I'm sure their is more to the story but that's all I know. Hope it's helpful.


What does "pull a Whiskey Pete" mean?

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Rossi: You know you haven't had a vacation in a while, weren't you talking about Italy?
Prentiss: My mother extended her trip there; it would not be much of a vacation.
Rossi: It's a big country
Prentiss: Not big enough.

Prentiss: He is just a kid, can't be more than 25.
Morgan: A kid with an assault weapon isn't just a kid anymore.