Grey's Anatomy

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Greys anatomy
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Meredith: What happened?
Cristina: We were in a plane crash. Plane crashed!

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yea i love how the 2 friends survive haha the gurl got company by the AMAZING other surgeon <3


i loved how Dr.Alex (the smart attending) is at the hospital! loved i love: Saving hope,greys anatomy,power rangers megaforce and House ;)


um i loved how the doctors stayed in the hospital and yep i feel bad for Dr.Derek :(


AW that's smart of Dr.Hunt 2 stay in the hospital way 2 go,Owen :) :)


Hi I was wondering if Dr. Hunt and Altman hooked up after she called him a son of a bitch and cried in his arms. I saw once she went into his arms but then I missed everything up to when he was sitting in his chair.

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