Sarah: Why does she hate me mom?
Camille: Daughters hate their mothers; I think it's the law of nature. But you know what, then they come back.

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I would never go back to my mother. she tried to control me my father and my brother and now she is trying to control my daughters and more she stole my diamond ring from me from my house. She did not think I saw her but I did. She ask me that the day she passes for me not to have a open casket for her. Quess What!!! SHE WILL HAVE A WIDE OPEN CASKET...


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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sarah: I think I'll just try and get along with you and trust you.
Amber: OK. I'm meeting Damien and he's picking me up.

Crosby: Your family is intense.
Jasmine: You think.
Crosby: That's saying a lot coming from me.