Without government, I'm free to take a lot of mescaline and drive to Vegas!



Allicent: Misogyny means hating women. I think that there must be very few women who hate women as a class. If they hate women, is it that they don't hate men? Or is it that they are msnrithaopes who hate everybody?But I will grant you that there are women, including many insufferable mothers, who cater to old-fashioned sexism, even if it is not exactly misogyny. I agree that this is a pathetic and outmoded mindset in modern America, but I can still see where it came from. Consider the moneyed world described in the tedious book, "The Millionaire Next Door". In this world there are millionaires and there are wives of millionaires. If you are a woman, it would be unusual for you to become a millionaire in this world; the more likely path would be to marry one. You can see the same difference between Condi Rice and Laura Bush. Condi Rice is a millionaire. Laura Bush is not a millionaire, only the wife of one.So if a woman or her mother envisions that kind of life trajectory, it only stands to reason that she would learn to primp at an early age. The goal is to grow up to be the most attractive possible trophy wife of some millionaire.But, "The Millionaire Next Door" reminds women, don't forget to clip coupons. You have to prove to your husband that you won't blow his wad. Actually the book is ridiculous and outmoded. (Just like primping-obsessed mothering is outmoded.) The authors have so much starch in their shirts that they are stiffer than raw spaghetti.

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Family Guy Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Joe: Well, you can't fight City Hall.
Peter: Well, we'll see about that. ... City Hall knows karate.

Lois: Wow, congratulations on your grand re-opening, Mort! Looks like your customers are coming back!
Mort: Thanks, Lois! It's good to be up and gouging again!