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You know, whenever anyone says something really funny and I laugh I always look around to see if you think it's funny too. Even when you are not there, I look around.


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This is my favorite George quote. This quote shows who he is as a person. Izzie and George are the greatest best friends on any show around. I wish that they would have included Izzie's part of the conversation too.


ok gizzie was my 2nd favorite cupple i miss georgee


I love so much this is really great


george is adorable, and that quote is sooo........ him! adorable.....


So true. I think everyone does that sometimes.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Callie: Did anyone ever think you two were a couple?
Meredith: No, because we screw boys like whores on tequila.
Cristina: Then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves.
Callie: Huh.

I like penis. I'm a huge huge fan of penis.


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Song See What You Feel Katalyst
Song Money Grey's Anatomy Greenskeepers
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